Terms and conditions

The objects of this terms are the telematic purchase, with www.aprsolutionssrl.it site, of products by APR Solutions® srl, sited in Rondissone (TO), via Aldo Moro 10, Italy, P.IVA 11272840015, REA n. 1200188. Site navigation and purchase order transmission implicate the acceptance of the present, therefore the user have to read the present before placing the order.

Registered users

To place an order, it’s necessary the registration and the confirmation by the company. When APR Solutions® srl’s appointee confirm the registration, the user can place the order.

APR Solutions® srl recognize two types of registered users:

1. Standard user, who can place double-sided tape orders.

2. APR Solutions® srl Customer, to whom it will be request the serial number of the machine previously purchased from APR Solutions® srl, who can place order for spare parts of the above-mentioned machines.

In order that APR Solutions® srl can recognize the user as customer, it’s necessary to register the company email or point out the referring company.

Selling and products

The purchase contract is intended as concluded when the order is forwarded to us through the site. The buyer will have to pay immediately the whole amount of the order.

The client buy the product with features and price indicated in the product page, inclusive of shipping cost calculated by the system. In case of price or shipping cost error, APR Solutions® srl will promptly advise the user, allowing the order cancellation. APR Solutions® srl will not be forced to provide the product at the wrong price.

The availability of the products shall be considered as reference only; in case of the purchase of a product with wrong availability, the user will be promptly adviced.

Delivery and return

The shipping of your order

The packages are usually ship through our carrier within 5 days from payment received.

The shipping cost includes operating expenses, packaging and postal charges. The operating expenses are fixed, while the transportation costs change based on the total weight of the shipping. We suggest to gather your items in one order. It’s not possible for us to gather together two orders, therefore the shipping cost will be charged for every single order. The package will be shipped by your own risk, but we’ll take care in case of fragile objects.

The boxes have appropriate dimension and your items are well protected.