Maxi Athos

Machine for corrugated market

Maxi Athos

The Maxi Athos machine has been designed and manufactured to apply the double-sided tape with semi-automatic feeder format 160 cm or 220 cm especially for corrugated market and Forex materials.

Maxi Athos 160

Maxi Athos 220


  • Lateral stops for a better sheet margin
  • Marginator positioned in front of the double-sided tape application unit
  • Adjustable pressure paper transport devices
  • The applicators are adjustable in heights and on the sides, through the new system of linear crank displacement
  • The machine has two RAP applicators for double sided tape
  • The configuration of the machine is controlled by the PLC, and thanks to the touch screen technology, is not necessary to have a previous experience with the use of the machine
  • Collect hopper to simplify the paper alignment


  • 4 more application of RAP double-sided tape
  • RAP Strip tear-off tape applicator


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