box plus 1

Full Automatic

Box Plus 1

The Box Plus 1 is an automatic folder-gluer machine, designed and manufactured to realize:

  • Linear boxes
  • Presentation folders with one or two pockets.
  • DVD wallets with one or two pockets.
  • Courier envelopes (DHL. FedEx, TNT, etc..) with double-sided tape and tear tape.
  • Double-sided adhesive and rissband application on posters, envelops, CD/DVD holders and boxes.
  • Tiles, plastic samplings, paper and DVD insertion.


  • Full automatic continuous feeder (Feeder Plus).
  • Autonomous and movable tape group
  • Funnel folding system with sabers
  • Paper transport system with adjustable pressure
  • Automatic scale collector
  • Hot melt glue system controlled by a 7 “touch screen


  • Mobile Tipper Plate pocket
  • RAP Applicator for double sided tape
  • RAP Strip, for Tear Tape Applicator
  • Automatic inserter
  • LRX 10 HP pre-printed label applicator


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