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  • Box Plus 1

    Box Plus 1 with Automatic Feeder Plus is a machine designed and manufactured to:

    •  Fold and glue straight-line boxes,
    •  Folders with one or two pockets 
    •  DVD wallets with one or two pockets  
    •  Medical file envelopes, special size envelopes
    •  Application of double-sided tape on blanket or on envelopes
    •  Courier Envelopes (DHL, FedEx, etc.) with double-sided tape & tear tape or peal and seal

  • Box Plus 2

    Box Plus 2, full automatic folder gluer machine designed to fold and glue straight-line boxes, crash-lock bottom boxes, conical boxes and also envelopes and folders.

    By adding one or more of our applicatiors of double sided tape , tear tape, magnetic tape or silicon tape,  you convert your folder gluer machine into a full automatic tape machine.

  • Box 1

    Box 1 is a semi-automatic machine designed to fold and glue straight-line boxes in automatic way, with manual feeding.

  • Maxi Box

    Maxi Box is an automatic machine with hand feeder format 160 / 220....

    - Flexible solutions for a variety of applications

    - Support: cardboard, corrugated carton (flute F, E, B, C, A, BC, AB, BE) and forex

    - Tool-free easy set-up for a quick change over even for short runs

    - Possible to run dual lines (double production)

    - Feeder and delivery table extension up to 2mt

    - Pneumatic shafts lead the product towards the delivery unit avoiding materials jams