New perspective market as a result of a continue growing demands of easyhandle products for home restructuring.

Bricolage shops have already started selling wood panels, wires trunking, plastic and metal profiles, with double sided tape applied on them in order to facilitate and speed up operations of restructuring.

The APR Solutions provides complete industrial solutions for the application of multiple types of double side tape, in a full automaticway.


7" TouchScreen. Which allows even a non-expert operator to set the machine

Rap Applicator

2 Rap applicators. Designed to apply double-sided tape.

Collection Table

Convenient harvesting table for the products made by the machine

Manual Feeding

Manual feeding with sider alinement

Tape types

Athos is a semi-automatic machine designed to apply different types of double sided tapes:

  • TNT
  • PVC
  • Banner
  • Acrylic
  • Transfer
  • Foam until 3mm
  • VHB tape for automotive
  • Tear-off tape

On substrates of various kinds, including: paper, corrugated cardboard, acrylic, PVC, plastic, wood and aluminum.


Semi-automatic machine for the industrial application of different types of adhesive tape, including:

  • Lateral stops for a better sheet margin
  • Limit device located before the unit application of the double-sided adhesive tape
  • No. 2 "Bruco", main paper transport devices with transmission system, complete of small wheels
  • The applicators are adjustable in heights and on the sides, through the new positioning system
  • The machine has two RAP applicators, one for the right and one for the left version
  • The configuration of the machine is controlled by the PLC, and thanks to the touch screen technology, is not necessary to have a previous experience with the use of the machine
  • Collecting tray with chute for easy sheet alignment


  • 2 extra RAP applicators
  • RAP Strip, Tear Tape applicator


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