Semi-automatic machine for industrial application of various type of double-sided tape (TNT, PVC, Banner, Acrylic, Transfer, Foam, VHB, Tear Tape) on a large range of support (paper, cardboard, acrylic, PVC, plastic, wood, alluminium).

Check out the machine:

Machine's features:

  • Fix register side system positioned before the Rap applicator for the application of adhesive tape
  • No. 2 “Bruco”, main paper transport devices with transmission system, complete of small wheels.
  • The applicator is adjustable in height, and left/right site.
  • The setup and programming of the PLC does not require a professional operator, in fact with our touch screen, it would be possible to be used by an operator without experience.
  • Standard Athos machine equipped with No. 2 Rap applicators one left and the second one right site.
  • Athos machine upgradable to add other N.2 Rap applicator.

Optional on request:

  • Other 2 RAP applicator
  • RAP Strip, Tear Tape applicator