Maxi Box

Machine for corrugated market

Maxi Box

Maxi Box is a semi-automatic machine for applying glue and double-sided adhesive on corrugated cardboard and folding and gluing various jobs.

The machine has been designed with a manual feeder for various formats of punched and creased materials. All the materials are positioned by the operator and, at the same time, the machine is set up to add a continuous PLUS FEEDER.

Maxi Box 160

Maxi Box 220


  • Feeder and extendable binder
  • Possibility of double production
  • Versatile solution for a wide range of solutions
  • Media: cardboard, corrugated cardboard and forex


  • Mobile pocket
  • Up to 6 applicators of the "RAP" line
  • Up to 6 glue guns
  • Cold glue system


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