Double-sided Tape

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  • Red Banner Tape

    Permanent double-sided tape, good clearness and adhesion.

    Excellent cut, incision and high temperatures resistance.

    Great for all application of assembly and gluing but very suitable for die-cut and laser-cut thanks to the protection plastic film.

    • Carrier: Polyester (PET) clear
    • Adhesive system: Solvent acrylic
    • Release liner: Filmic red
  • White foam tape

    Permanent double-sided tape with good cohesion. Thanks to the rubber solvent base, it bonds perfectly to critical surfaces such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

    It is ideal for assembling plates, mirrors, frames and trims and essential for external uses where UV rays resistance is needed.

    Thanks to the foam high density ( 200kg / m3), it assures high resistance to traction.

    It can represent an alternative to mechanical fixing.

    • Support: Closed cell polyethylene (PE) white foam
    • Adhesive: Ruber solvent base
    • Liner: White paper
  • Tear tape

    Permanent single-sided tape in spools for easy opening.

    High shear strenght

    • Support: Red Polypropylene (PPL)
    • Adhesive: Acrylic solvent
    • Liner: 
  • Double-sided acrylic TNT tape

    Permanent double-sided tape, excellent resistance to high temperature and high initial bonding.

    Specially designed for corrugated cardboard splices.

    Low grammage.

    • Support: Translucent Nonwoven fabric 
    • Adhesive: Acrylic solvent
    • Liner: White paper

  • Hot Melt TNT double-sided tape

    Permanent double-sided tape, easy-peel liner.

    High initial bonding, suitable for LSE surfaces where heat resistance is not required.

    • Support: Translucent Nonwoven fabric 
    • Adhesive: Hot Melt
    • Liner: Paper Glassine
  • Double sided tape in reel and spool

    This double- sided tape in cellulose TNT, highly adhesive, is specifically developped for special highly heavyweight adhesives and for automatic dispensers as its high density does not leave traces on your work.

    It has good resistance to humidity and plastics losses.

    The product can be sold in rolls or spools.

    • Support: white cellulose TNT
    • Adhesive: Acrylic
    • Liner: Glassine white paper 80 gr
  • Fingerlift TNT double-sided tape thk. 85my

    Permanent double-sided tape. High initial tack and resistance to traction.

    Removal without leftovers.

    Great stability and it is adapf fot cut, die-cut and lamination.

    High adhesion to most of the surfaces.

    This product is available in various formats including with extended liner for an easy removal.

    • Support: White nonwoven fabric 
    • Adhesive: Rubber solvent base 
    • Liner: White paper