Box 1

Box 1

Box 1 is a semi-automatic machine designed to fold and glue straight-line boxes in automatic way, with manual feeding.

Check out the machine:

Box 1, folding and gluing machine composed of:

  • Hand feeding feeder.
  • Folder flap group, ready to add hot melt gluing system and double-sided tape applicator.
  • Folding tools with no. 6 transport devices BRUCO with silicon wheels.
  • Delivery table.
  • No.1 Hot melt gluing system with no. 1 gun completely managed from the machine’s 7-inch touch screen.

Optional on request:

  • Movable Tipper Fold Plate Kit
  • RAP, Tape Applicator System
  • RAP Strip, Tear Tape Applicator
  • Automatic Feeder
  • Hi speed Automatic Printed Label Applicator